Project Description

Weighing and bagging machine

Categorie: Bagging

​​The Allround ​​Weighing and Bagging station is a combination of AW50 weighing machine(s), and the BS25 bagging machine. The option of two weighing machines ensure that the capacity of the BS25 bagging machine is matched.

The AWBS 25 is the affordable solution for companies that are just starting with weighing and packing of round or root shaped vegetables.

The BS25 bagging and sewing machine is designed fill Raschel bags ranging from 2,5 to 25 kilograms. The machine automatically opens the bags, fills it with produce and closes the bag, all automatically. The Allround BS25 bagging machine is able work with all kinds of weighing machines, both from Allround and from other companies.

Types and Specifications separated

Allround bagging BS 25

BS 25

Bag sizes 5 – 25 KG
PE-Raschel bags on rolls max. 1000 mm
Capacity small bags (5kg) 1200 bags/hour
Capacity big bags (10kg) 840 bags/hour

AW 50

Weighing range 2 – 50 kg
Accuracy 2 – 3 %
Capacity small bags (2kg) 0,8 tons
Capacity big bags (50kg) 8 tons

Types and Specifications stations

AWBS 25 Single

Length 2872 mm
Width 1084 mm
AW 50 1


BS 25 vibration

vibration system for carrots

Electrical control

Bagholder at belt end

Frequency inverter screen speed per section

Estimated capacity

AWBS 25 AWBS 25 Double
Capacity 0,6 – 5  1 – 9