Project Description


Categorie: Hopper

Allround VP hoppers are designed to feed machines or product lines, or act as a buffer in a processing line.

The hopper is designed to work with cubic boxes and big-bags. Because of the angle of the machine, the flow of product will always be even. Furthermore, a frequency inverter is fitted to the machine, to make sure the flow of product is always adjustable.

The machine is extremely produce friendly, and the speed of the machine is adjustable.

Types and Specifications

Allround Hopper

B 100-300

Length 3327 mm
Width 2100 mm
Width belt 1000 mm
Max. input width 1850 mm
Allround Hopper

B 120-450

Length 4715 mm
Width 2500 mm
Width belt 1200 mm
Max. input width 2290 mm
Allround Hopper

B 160-500

Length 5224 mm
Width 2900 mm
Width belt 1664 mm
Max. input width 2650 mm
Allround Hopper

B 230-800

Length 8000 mm
Width 3000 mm
Width belt 2300 mm
Max. input width


Finger rollerset

​​​Finger roller sets are designed to take out loose skin and dirt. This raises the capacity of the line and reduces the amount of dirt in the other machines and is the most gentle and efficient way of pre-cleaning. See this machine >


The machine can be fitted with wheels, to make transportation of the machine easier.

Higher sidewalks

The machine can be fitted with higher sidewalks, to increase the content of the machine.

Hoppers content ()

Total content (m³) Effective content (m³)
B 100-300  2 1,5
B 120-450 5,5 3,5
B 160-500 11 7
B 230-800  20 14