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Allround Vegetable Processing offers a superior range of sorting, grading, washing, polishing, brushing, weighing, bagging & material handling lines, as well as storage equipment, loading & unloading lines for fruits & vegetables.

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The Office at night with lights on

The Office at night

The office is built in a former woodwork factory. We kept the shape on purpose to keep the industrial appearance of the building. The façade is completely made out of glass. We used materials and techniques from the greenhouse industry. At the front of the building we erected two spaces that show the history & core values of the company. The main eye catcher is an Allround machine in full working order from 1972 in one of the rooms.

First Floor

The first floor is our office. In this office space the engineering, administration and sales departments are situated. The roof is made with a greenhouse structure which can open for fresh air. The used materials have an industrial look and feel. As a counterbalance, one wall is lined with wood.
top floor
conference room

Conference room

In our conference room we keep our meetings with customers and suppliers. Also we keep our weekly Skype meetings with our colleagues in India in our conference room.

Lunch room

In the main office we have a big lunch room where everyone comes together to eat.
lunch room
show room

Show room

On the ground floor we have erected a 150 square meter showroom, where we always display some of our machines. Furthermore we display storage equipment and principles.

Core values

From outside the building it is easy to spot the 4 pictures hanging in the front room. These four pictures represent the core values of Allround, the same values are also found throughout the website.
  • Clean water is a metaphor for responsibility for the environment. Water is a link to washing of potatoes and vegetables.
  • Cooperation as a metaphor that a project can only be successful if we act as partners together with our clients.
  • Healthy and nice looking food, this is what we want our customers to produce with our solutions.
  • Good machines and equipment from Allround with which our customers achieve the three above mentioned points.
core values




Highly advanced Bystronic Laser cutting machine.
Type By Speed 3015, 4,4 Kw.
Specifications of the Bystronic: By Speed 3015.
Max. thickness:
mild steel 25 mm.
Stainless steel 20 mm.
Aluminium 12 mm.
Accuracy to 0.1 mm.
Production facility with most modern equipment.


Allround carries five hundred different Radial grading machine types and thirty different types of washing machines. In total the price list contains over one thousand different types of machines. This requires a highly flexible engineering and production department.
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The assembly hall totals more than one thousand square meters. Allround VP takes pride in providing the most modern tools and equipment for the assembly staff. For the production of belts we have a separate department.


A 200 sq. meter painting room. Many machines or frames are first galvanised. Residues of grease are taken off by high pressure cleaning.


Since there are many options for Allround lines in terms of electrical steering, a highly specialized electrical department is situated in the factory.


Storage place for finished machines and for machines ready for dispatch. Here we prepare shipments and load the trucks.


Allround always takes care for loading and stowing of containers and trucks. New professional straps are always used. Allround VP always makes sure the machines are secured well for transport, but please take into account bolts might loosen during transportation.


Allround Vegetable Processing


The Allround group is located in two different locations. The headquarters are based in Andijk, Holland. The second factory is based in Ambala, Haryana, India. In the graph below we schematically show the activities and responsibilities of the two.

The Netherlands

The headquarters of the Allround group is in Holland. In the factory in Holland we have about 35 people working. The board of directors, the global sales team and a production crew of 25 are based here.


Consultation and realisation of storage projects as well as upgrading existing storages.

Facilitating & Consulting



Production of Allround processing equipment, complete lines as well as single machines.

Packaging machines

Production net packaging machines. Intermediary for multi head weighers and poly baggers.

Laser Cutting


Head Office

The board of directors and the marketing team are based here.


The global sales team is responsible for sales all over the world, except for India.

R & D

Developing and designing new machines and equipment.

Allround Services

Consulting, monitoring and servicing of turn key projects.


Allround India is a subsidiary of Allround Holland where we have about 50 people working. Allround India is an autonomous subsidiary, with its own management team and engineering department.


Consultation and realisation of storage projects as well as upgrading of existing storages. Allround Storage India is specialized in long-term storage in tropical conditions.

Electronic grading & Color sorting of Fruits



Production of Allround processing equipment, complete lines as well as single machines.

Field machinery

Producing potato harvesters. Intermediary for cultivation and planting machines.

Vegetable Seed Drying & Facilitating


Allround Services

Consulting, monitoring and servicing of turn key projects


Domestic sales for India are done from the office in Ambala City.

3D Animation

Realisation of 3D animations.

Order Prodecure

From the first contact with a prospected client to an order, Allround keeps a protocol for this complete process. On this page, this process is described.

Request for information form

Request for information form

In the Request for Information form on our website, it is possible for you to send us some basic information about what you are looking for. This basic information is for example the number of hectares you are growing, and the capacity for the machines you are opting for.

Response to request for information

Based on the Request for Information, Allround is able to present offers and drawings of what we believe will suit your situation and needs best. This offer will give you an idea of the needed budget, and of what kind of line we envision for you. Based on this offer and drawing we kindly ask you to send us your comments.
Response to request for information
Request for quotation

Request for quotation

When you are contacting us via your local Allround dealer, he will ask you to sit together and fill in the Request for Quotation which is accessible via the dealer login on our website. Based on the Request for Quotation tool on our website, we will be able to send you a tailor made drawing and offer, up to your specifications.

Tailor made drawing and offer

Based on the acquired information, Allround will be able to make a tailor made drawing and offer, specifically for your situation. In the offer we will give all the relevant specifications and information of our machines. Furthermore, a description of provided solution is given.
Tailor made drawing and offer
Calculation tool

Calculation tool

When the final layout and offer is agreed upon, Allround has an interesting tool for you. This is called our calculation tool, and it is a complete financial report which gives you the following information:

- Payback time
- Price per Kilogram
- Logistics
- Packaging cost


When there is detailed information needed, Allround will provide a bidbook. This bidbook includes the following information:

- Full set of drawings of all elements
- Water management
- Detailed proposal for storage
- Electrical scheme
- Full descriptions
- Detailed offer for packaging material

With this bidbook all information is there to talk to any investor or bank. Also for governmental organizations or project institutes the information included in the bidbook will be sufficient. In essence, it is the blueprint of a complete business plan.


When we will come to an agreement, the first step is to make an order confirmation to make sure it is completely clear what will be purchased. Of course, Allround will provide all necessary documents needed to make a contract or freight documents.

Strategic Allies


Seed companies

Seed companies

In the industry of vegetable processing, seed companies like BEJO, Monsanto and Syngenta are usually the first to know which companies are expanding, which companies are mechanizing, and which companies might be in the market for new machines. Therefore, having a cooperation with seed companies is very important for Allround VP. The seed company is able to suggest machines. All of the world’s seed companies have a subsidiary within 30 minutes of the Allround headquarters.

Category Manager of Supermarket

Category managers of supermarkets are very important allies for Allround VP. Especially in the developed world, the category managers have a lot of influence in how the produce is delivered to the supermarkets. The category manager is able to demand processed vegetables, in the packaging he/she likes. When having allies among category managers of supermarkets, the name Allround VP becomes known very fast among suppliers of supermarkets.
Category Manager of Supermarket
Dutch Embassies

Dutch Embassies

One of the most important kind of allies are Dutch and Indian embassies all over the world. Dutch and Indian embassies all over the world help supplying visas for customers that are planning on visiting one of the Allround VP factories. Besides the visas, especially the Dutch embassy in India is an important ally. On several occasions, Allround VP is mentioned by the Dutch embassy as an example of excellent performance of a Dutch company that starts production in India. Furthermore, the Dutch embassy occasionally organizes events in India like seminars and network dinners.

International Organizations

Other strategic allies with which Allround VP cooperates are international organizations like the European Union.

The European Union is most important for Allround because subsidies are awarded by the EU. Subsidies are very important for Allround VP because of the fact that these subsidies are very often the basis on which companies decide to take part in building new facilities. Therefore, organizations like the European Union are very important allies for Allround VP.
International Organizations

We’re a team of passionate sales & technical support

We’re Allround Vegetable Processing, we strive for perfection and dedication.
With on our side the newest developments of technologies

Huib Smit
Gerard Smit
Hans Smit
Gerard Haakman
David Ayal
Walter Breeschoten
Marco Doedes
Huib Gerard Smit
Ed Broekhuizen
Gon Smit
Patricia Kok
Jaap van der Tas
Maheshwar Dutt Sharma
Satvinder Singh
Sukhwinder Singh
Kulrakesh Mehta



I am general director, responsible for the commercial and marketing activities for Allround Holland and Allround India. To initiate new developments and to explore new markets.

Why you work at Allround: It is a pleasure to work with a dedicated team to find the best possible solutions for our clients. In the last twenty years we established many relations all over the world, with many of them we became friends. The interaction with so many cultures made my live so much richer.


Allround Vegetable Processing


Allround was founded in 1955 by the father of the current owners. The company was called ‘machinefabriek Huib Smit’. The company has seen great prosperity, and also great poverty. Be that as it may, the company has started many developments in the agricultural industry. In many cases, the company came too early with its innovations. 20 years ago, Huib and Gerard Smit became the owners, and the last 15 years the company has seen a strong growth again. At the moment Allround is active in over forty-five countries in five continents. We feel the future looks good and we hope to add a few more pictures to this timeline.



Huib Smit, the father of the current owners Huib and Gerard Smit starts his company in Grootebroek. The activities consisted of fitting motors to barges and several dealerships of different kinds of companies.Huib Smit Sr.
Huib Smit Sr. voor zijn bedrijf in Grootebroek

Barges were used to transport the produce from land to the auction. The company had three employees and the main activity was doing repairs.


Advertentie voor de Allround rooimachine
The company developed a planting and harvesting machines for flower bulbs. Until that time all bulbs were harvested and planted by hand. Allround was the first company to introduce the harvesting spin to sift the soil during harvesting. The machine was a self-propelled 1 row harvester. The R8 harvester was also used to harvest carrots on a sandy soil. The machine was a great success and a true breakthrough.

Allround planter

The program of harvesting machines was expanded with different types. Also the number of planters was drastically expanded. Furthermore, the company also introduces an automatic bulb counting machine , of which we have an original machine in our showroom. During this period the company grew rapidly, and at the highest peak, there were over 40 people working for the company.


Allround planterAllround planter
Allround planter
Allround takes more machines into production to process onions and carrots. Allround also exports to the former Soviet Union and the United States. Onion line were the main success in these countries. In western Europe, the company mainly sold chain graders for carrots.


Allround telmachine
Allround has a very strong relation with a contracting company from Schagenbrug. From this relationship a new type of harvester is developed, as well as new types of planting machines for flower bulbs. Also different large projects in Saudi-Arabia and other countries in the middle east are realized.
Allround planter


Huib Smit bij een Radial Grading machine
During the 1990’s Allround partially transfers the production to Poland. In the flower bulb industry there is a major switch from small casks to cubic boxes. Allround acts to this opportunity by offering machines for great value for money.
Gerard Smit bij een line

During this time, many flower bulb companies invested in new equipment, and Allround was able to take a good share in this market.


Gerard Smit bij een lineAllround is approached to develop a processing line for potatoes and vegetables. During this period, the export of hybrid seeds and modern agriculture technologies to the former Soviet Union takes a flight. The need in these countries for graded and washed products increases dramatically. Allround develops the concept of Allround Integrated Processing Lines (AIPL’s).
Gerard Smit bij een line

With this concept a grower is able to process red beet, potatoes, onions, carrots and other beet root vegetables for the retail channel. With other words the grower becomes a wholesaler. Also during this period, Allround becomes market leader for large chicory installations in the Netherlands.


Gerard Smit bij een line
The concept of Allround Integrated Processing Lines is a great success. A great number of lines is sold in Europe and former Soviet countries. There seems to be a trend for bigger processing lines, markets develop and customers that first used a small line now start to inquire about bigger lines. Also during this period a rapid growth in product range for Allround occurs.

Washer klaar voor transport


Oniontoppers in a line
The scale enlargement in the processing of potatoes and vegetables continues. In different markets the demand for high quality packaging increases. Allround starts to work together intensively with different suppliers of weighing and packaging machines. The Hydrocooler is introduced and demand for high quality products for supermarkets increases.

Taj Mahal

Allround starts a business in India, and the activities of QTP are integrated in Allround Storage. Allround Storage is a specialist in the field of potato and vegetable storage and the activity becomes an integral part of the activities of Allround.


Taj MahalTaj MahalTaj Mahal

The synergy between Allround Storage and Allround Vegetable Processing becomes more apparent. Allround as a whole is now able to supply total crop-to-shop solutions. Big projects with Storage and Processing are realized in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, India, Brazil and Chile.


Machines in de werkplaats

A new office building, a modern factory with the newest laser cutter and the best tools in Holland and a fully operational factory in India are at our disposal to produce the best machines in the industry for you. In India a sandblasting facility is installed to produce machines up to western European standards.
het nieuwe kantoorpand
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