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Allround Vegetable Processing weighers weigh your product before bagging. Our weighers enables you to program the machine to your liking. This makes that you have less differentiation in the weight that is being packaged.
  • Weigher AW 50-02 L


    type AW 50-02 L ​The Allround VP AW50 weighing machine allows the user to easily and quickly weigh, a...
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    Weigher AW 50-02 L

    Estimated capacity (tons/hour)

     Light SoilHeavy Soil
    Carrots: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Baby carrots: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Potatoes: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Brushed potatoes: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Swedes: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Parsnips: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Celeriac: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Red Beet: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Onions: 1.75-8 1.75-8
    Set Onions: 1.75-8 1.75-8

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