Project Description


    Heat exchanger

    Categorie: Cooling equipments

    Important features

    • Compact design
    • Cross air flow which give maximum efficiency
    • Controls the CO₂ under all conditions
    • Energy savings up to 90%
    • Standard unit for up to 1000 ton potatoes, carrots or onions


    All kind of stored agricultural products are sensitive for too high CO2 levels. Too high CO2 levels can affect the quality of the product. For example during storage of industrial potatoes, high CO2 levels can affect the frying quality. In systems where a lot of outside air is used, it is not so difficult to control the CO2 level. In hot climates, or very cold climates where use of outside air is limited, a CO2 heat exchanger will be the best solution. In warm climates outside air cannot be applied directly since this will cause an increase of the product temperature. With the help of a heat-exchanger the extracted cold air from the storage room with high CO2 level is applied to pre-cool the warm outside air with low CO2 level. In this way energy savings up to 90% can be achieved.


    • Control panel
    • High efficient heat exchanger
    • Western Europe fans used
    • Housing made of galvanized steel