Flower bulb season about to start

Tim van Klarenbosch
Marketing & Sales
29 June 2015
Source / Author: Tim van Klarenbosch
29 June 2015
Decontamination system
Decontamination system

Flower bulb season about to start

Because of good conditions, tulip growers are expecting to start harvesting their bulbs this week. This relatively late, but conditions support late harvesting this year. 
Tulip bulbs
Tulip bulbs
The reason that the harvesting season for flower bulbs is relatively late is due to the low temperature of the soil. Having low temperature of the soil reduces the risk of diseases in the product, so the late harvesting should be beneficial. 

In the last months, Allround VP has delivered several new washing installations for flower bulbs. Some customers that have received new machines are:
- Dirk Jan Visser Bloemen BV
- Karel Bloembollen BV
- G. Oud & Zn. Tulips BV

Furthermore, many tulip growers are switching to the decontamination system of Allround, with the rollers and spraying system. Growers that have used this system last year have had very strong results, leading to more growers chosing this system. Companies that have started with this are:
- Pater Bloembollen BV
- Borst Bloembollen
- MTS Blankendaal
- Poel Bloembollen BV
- Fa. Jan van Meer
- WFB Flowerbulbs
- Fa. Noordbol

We wish all tulip growers a good season. In case you are interested in seeing one of our Tulip lines in action, please contact:

Hans Smit
Commercial Manager
+31 6 15951272

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